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My main focus for the QAF Blog is to encourage greater unity & focus on some simple spiritual truths from my point of view. I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to share you ideas about faith too, please try to honour different points of view by responding respectfully as well as honestly sharing your thoughts with love. I’m working on a few topics, I know all I have is this brief intro right now, but I should have some great blog post up in not time.

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  1. We are definitely coming from different places, as you well know. I am a believer in the Doctrines of Grace and you are not.
    This does not mean, however, that I am not able to get something out of what you write.
    I always do.
    You have a very gentle and kind way about you, and it comes through loud and clear in your writing. (Smiling) Or perhaps I should say that it comes through soft and clear?
    At any rate, I am pleased that you have started a blog of your own. I like it very much!


  2. Thanks for taking part of the blog. I agree, we do (all) come from different points of view, I believe that is why sharing and listening is so important.

    I did a google search for “doctrines of grace” and briefly read though the first one that came up. I’m guessing there are many interpretations to them, but I’ll guess that first article is primary basis for what most believers hold as the doctrines of grace. I’d have to say, without having read the whole thing, I’d say that I agree with 99% of what that article said; I think where in the general application of those doctrines, I believe them, but simple come at them from a different point of view. See, I’m one of those creative psalmist type of people, we are all a bit wacky us artist types. For example, I believe the Holy Spirit speaks to every child calling them to the Father; I believe it happens in the womb and going forward too. Now this next part probably isn’t in the doctrines of grace, but I believe the whole universe, including us human peeps, are a word send from heaven, He did as we know speak all things into existence, and that every word sent from heaven only returns once it has completed was it was sent to do; some people believe that only applies to Jesus and Him returning once His work was done.

    Anyway, I think we agree on a lot more than you think, but I do tend to focus on worship and intimacy related things; I used to be in a place where focusing on doctrine kept me from a deepness I experience with the Father, Son & Spirit now; and I pray He continues to change my ways of thinking and that I never get stuck in a form, that I am unable to receive the next word the Lord speaks.

    All my love, hugs and kisses,


    • http://www.the-highway.com/compare.html

      I think the above link is the best one isofar as it has the Canons of Dordt included, with a side-by-side comparison of what Arminianism teaches. (I remember you telling me you didn’t know what that is – so here is a good opportunity to investigate the doctrine of both.) The five points of the TULIP came by way of refutation of Arminianism, which was declared a heresy.
      The thing about doctrine which makes it so important, Ryan, is that we must be very careful about making the Scriptures say what we want them to say, thus ‘creating a god after the imaginations of our own hearts’. In your case, you do not like the idea of hell and so reject it… That is my belief anyway. But then none of us likes the idea of hell; not any of us who isn’t the kind of person who would gleefully send someone off to hell if they don’t agree with them. (And I am truly shocked at the number of THOSE types there are).
      At any rate, I am very happy that you and I can freely exchange ideas without the hostility that is so often met by us; Calvinists in particular. And in your case, the Pharasee-types.
      Like I said, I will happily participate in your blog because you do not immediately slam the door in my face, and i get that a lot, brother! You are a very kind and loving person, who, in my opinion, doesn’t have their doctrine right yet.
      (Laughing) But then, I daresay you feel the same way about me!


      PS And that is because we share agape love, which is unconditional, and that is so rare, even among professing Christians. Don’t you agree?

      • Thanks for that link… I find myself agreeing with portions of both of the two sides in that article. It does bring my thoughts to 1 Corinthians 13.. the whole chapter, but especially the last part that says we know in part till we see Him face to face. I think in these days, we have to come to a place of being okay with knowing that we only know in part. Now as for the hell thing, I believe it is more important to believe in hell on earth or for that matter heaven on earth; because hell on earth is where a lot of us live; at lease to some degree; as a race, we tend to bring more hell than heaven to people. And you are right, as Christians, unconditional love; unconditional creativity, is a rare thing. I believe it is growing and will ultimately win out in the end.

    • Very nicely put. It was holier than thou Christians that kept me from my salvation most of my life. God always knows how to reach us. For me, it starts with a tap on my shoulder saying softly, “Doug”, the thumps me in the had and says a bit louder,”Doug”, He know me too well and knows that I need a kick in the butt shouting “DOUG. I’m trying to reach you but first you need to get out of your way, let go and let me help you”. Works every time. I have to remind my self to watch and listen. I hear His voice and see His face in a beautiful sunset, a child laughing, and sends me a bird from time to time. He reaches me through music, movies TV shows, etc. “Be still and know that I am God”

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