His Glory, Our Shame

Intimacy with GodMy desire  is that we diligently seek His face, and when He appears to us, in the ones we meet, that we are not ashamed of Jesus appearing, isn’t that was Jesus said, when we visit the murderer in jail, the adulterer, that we are visiting Him. When we have those Luke 24 experiences of seeing Jesus, that we will not be ashamed of Him.

Jesus said to love the sinner and hate our own sin, a lot of people that call themselves Christians believe something much different, they often say we are to love the sinner and hate “their” sin, when it is our own sin we are told to hate. Some people believe our calling is to clean fish, when our calling is to cast out the nets in all directions to catch fish. So, the real questions is are you a fish catcher or a fish cleaner? One is you calling and one isn’t.

I really love the way the new covenant is stated it in Hebrews 8:11, because the American dream of Christianity and western culture basically says to tell people “how to know the lord”. And we are clearly told that the new covenant is that “all people know Him from the least to the greatest”. Hebrews 8:11, keeps telling us, that no longer should we teach people to know the Lord, and how works out in our lives is we tell people, you don’t know the Lord till you think like me and know the Lord like I do.

Adam and Eve did it like this, they felt shame and hid behind the bushes, and the Father, knowing all already, came to the garden to be with them and walk with them in the garden, it is not like the bushes hid their shame, the bush is how we create distance between us and God, and some people in the church still do this today, actually a lot. We let our shame and shaming of others to create distance from the Father. What we really need is His presence or to be present to His presence, because the presence or glory of God is when we stop hiding because of our shame and bring our shame to Him and hang out with Him, walk with Him in the garden, that is the Glory of the Lord, when we combine our shame and His presence.

Are you diligently seeking Jesus in everyone you meet, the prostitute, the murderer, your neighbor, are you listening long enough to hear and see Him and when you do, you tell them what you are seeing?

I send all my love to you and pray that we all can see Him when we are walking down the road to Emmaus, that we are not blind to Him beside us. This is my word of encouragement to you for a deeper relationship with the Father, and for myself too.

May God bless you in your poverty of spirit,



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