Heart of the Child

jesus-and-childFather God is calling us to have the Heart of a Child. The problem we have as church people is we have for so long programmed ourselves to grow up; we hold on to our various theologies more than we hold on to the Father’s Hand and simply trust Him. When we were children, we couldn’t even walk, we couldn’t hold ourselves up with our own two feet, but still we were fine, we didn’t  worry about tomorrow or the fears that the unknown would bring. As we grew into young adults, we stopped being that trusting child and began a our childish journey into adulthood; learning fear, learning loneliness, learning separation and independence, learning shame; as people of faith we are mostly responsible for incorporating these things into our lives and they become our idols and we even become so arrogant to say this is God’s ways. So, we stop being children of trust; it is time for us to put childish things away and learn how to be like the child we are; we are sons and daughters of the Living God, we need to keep reminding ourselves of this day by day, again and again.


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