The Gift of Listening


Listening in some circles has become a lost art, especially in communities of faith. I believe sharing is also a very important twin to listening. When listening and sharing is done well, it becomes fruitful dialogue; a place where true fellowship with our spiritual brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. The application of the gift of listening goes further than to our fellowman and fellow-women; for those of us who have stopped listening to each other fruitfully, in many ways this tends to translate to us not listening to our friend, the Living and Loving Father God.

Recently, I was sitting in a hospital waiting room and found myself looking around at about 20 people; it was like God was speaking to my heart telling me that you are looking at your brothers and sisters; they each have different stories, concerns and fears as they are waiting for diagnostic services. As we were sitting there waiting to get an ultrasound for Robert, a black lady sitting all alone, noticed the two of us and made a small and very important action. She simply brought over a newspaper; the Father whispered to my heart to say she’s listening to me, I sent her to you to show love and compassion; to make a connection with two nervous brothers, as doctor appointment tend to do that. God will speak to us, it might not be in a classically “Out Loud Voice”, but it begs the question; Are we listening? Are we waiting long enough to hear Him speak to our hearts; to speak to us through others acts of compassion?

You are His beloved; You are my brothers and sisters.

All my love,



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