Words of God about an orange highlighter.

Orange HighlighterGod speaks in BIG and small ways and today I’d like to share a recent experience in my life about hearing words from God. I was listening to a worship song that reminded me “Did you know God has a voice too?”. I feel that I have a very close relationship with the Father and somehow He is turning my world upside down again.

Robert and I were on our way to an appointment to the social security administration, as we were getting ready to leave the house I had almost headed out the door and walked back in, I felt as though I was being prompted in my spirit to pickup this orange highlighter that was on the desk. So, I picked up the highlighter and put it in my pocket. I didn’t think much of it and we were on our way out the door to the appointment.

Once we arrived to the waiting room, we took a seat and God really blessed us by sitting us next to a lady that had and encouraging word for us. As the lady was talking, I notice a mother and daughter going through school supplies. The little girl had lost one of her highlighters and would you know it was orange and the same brand of highlighter I had in my pocket. So, I leaned over to Robert and ask him if he thought God had me bring the highlighter to give it to this little girl. Robert agreed and asked the little girl if she liked the color orange. The girl said it was her favorite color. God spoke to my heart to tell me like the scripture says, I knew what that little girl needed even before she asked. So, I pulled the orange highlighter out of my pocket and gave it to her. Later in the week, heard the Father whisper to me that worship isn’t singing songs or beautiful lyrics; worship is when you listen to me about picking up a orange highlighter and give it to one of my daughters; when you listen and are in the moment of my voice and simply trust that I know what I’m speaking to you.

I simply encourage you to to trust the small voice of the Father whispering to your heart. This is how we will meet the needs of our brothers and sisters; they will know Him by our love. I pray Father, let creativity flow as you speak to us.

With All my Love,



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  1. That was an aweosome experience you had Ryan! I totally believe that God speaks to us in tiny ways like that, suggesting, prompting, us to move! God bless you Ryan, and as long as you bring me the Heart of God, I am subscribed. (-: Just so wonderful that God led you to bless that little girl and you had no idea! (-:

  2. Ryan, thank you for sharing your experience and faith with us. God does speak to us. When we are fully present in the current moment with an open heart, we can hear his words, just as you did. I believe miracles happen this way, both great and small.


  3. This is a beautiful story of Truth on how God does indeed use us in “little” ways to do BIG things for His Kingdom. Thank you for sharing this story. I am SO happy happy happy to have found your blog tonight and look forward to reading forward and backward in Queer as Faith! ;o)

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