a Journey of Spirit

If you ask people of faith what a spiritual journey is, you’ll get many different answers. You will probably get an explanation of a specific example of an experience with God. So, where is God leading you today? Sometimes He will call you to silence, to waiting and sometimes He will call you to SHOUT and sometimes He is calling you to listen, to be changed, to be challenged.

When I’m talking about a Journey of Spirit, I’m more specifically the things you learn without picking up a book; a place where the pulling of the Spirit can take you without ritual. Often it is important to switch up ritual experiences in an attempt to notice things of spirit away from the familiarity of repetition. One way I’ve tried to explain this to friends, is that every thing important I’ve learned about spiritual things, about the ways of God were always in between the printed words in the bible. Because everything we are going to learn of importance, will be what we learn during the journey of our lives. Like the falling of the walls of Jericho, there wasn’t a bible verse that said to march around the walls and to shout after days and the walls will fall; first a word was spoken to the heart of man, a word of the spirit. There was nothing tangible in the beginning but an urgency in the heart, then an expression of silence and painful walking and walking and walking and learning and listening to God in the silence until a prompting from heaven came to let the shouting begin.

I can almost see it from the others point of view, from the view of the guards of Jericho, a wondering of what in the world are they doing marching around, as they look and probably mocked the small pathetic army of the quiet. I’ve come to respect silence as one of the highest forms of worship; a worship of waiting; a worship of listening with our hearts; of searching our hearts. And the next act of worship is following what you hear in the spirit; it’s not about being a success at doing what we hear, it is just about drawing closer to knowing. For one day all will hear clearly with both unison and harmony.

You might just have to look like a fool and that’s okay. You’ve got to hear God for yourself, asking others what God is saying isn’t how we find out what God is saying to us, only what God is saying to the one you are asking. I wonder, if God speaks to you today, will you notice, will I notice, my condition is man; fortunately this is part of His design, that we get to figure out how to listen and follow through imperfection of my flesh. That must be what looks so foolish, is that Father God would choose vessels of honor from broken vessels and have a plan so perfectly that His that he can still complete us. God being the author of our lives, writes His real verses on our hearts; words spoke only one to one to us by the spirit. The journey of spirit is an act of worship so enjoy the journey.


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