Jesus I can’t love like You.

As Christians we are often told with good reason to look to the cross, the time Jesus was both at his best and treated the worse. Jesus the friend to friends and friend to the thief. And I ask myself, can I be a friend to my neighbor, my brother and to the thief. There are many other instances of Jesus befriending people that most of the religious community would disallow, reject and in various ways separate themselves from and for various motives.

Being the rejected and harmed by others is a common reason why people look to help from above. Often people are crying, Lord help, Jesus Help, Father, I need you. There are times when people simply can’t find a drop of grace from those whom claim His name. I’m not particularly talking about fundamentalist, I’m currently thinking of those that have a lukewarm sound to their conversations to and about us. It is like getting caught up into conversations with word games. The very essence of  faith is  to believe in something I can not see, among them is that “There is no law against Love”, “To love my neighbor, including the thief, as myself”. Sometimes, I feel as though I am able love like Jesus at times. In recent refection, the truth is I really haven’t been able to do that. When you don’t have all the answers, when you don’t have certainty, it helps to trust the Holy Spirit that he is either showing us the real meaning of faith; faith of believing in things that aren’t seen as though they really are so. The burden of men religious or not is heavy and still the model of love that Jesus gave us lifts burdens and His burden is as light as the wind. We need to understand this model of love so, so much more.

The problem in the faith community is not the ability to say we love people. Our problem is usually seen and heard in how we say we love other in certain circumstances and toward those not in our inner circles. What we have lost is the innocents of early childhood where everyone was our friend. When all our cares were about dancing and playing, using our imagination; In this way imagination and faith are inseparable realities. In these early years children understand a world where there are no laws against love, at least until a time where mankind requires this of their children to be included in circles of family, circles of friends and groups of people they have placed their trust. When did we loose the ability to not learn from the children for they often offer such wisdom, before we know it we have beaten the imagination and faith the Holy Spirit is so graciously given to them.

My prayer is that we can be blinded to the religious laws of mankind, blinded to the fear of man that has controlled us long enough to hear a new word from heaven. Let us listen long enough and we can remember and hear your voice once again. Father, if you are trying to speak to me through my circumstances or the people I meet, let me linger long enough to ask… What are you trying to say to me.


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