Spare not your candle

Jesus said, that we are the light of the world and we are the salt of the earth. It seems like the darkness in our world is everywhere at times. What concerns me is that so much of the darkness comes from divisions of believers. Perhaps out of habit, we believers take our conservative thinking to the point that we spare our spiritual gifts as though using them will use them up.

It is true that when you light a candle that it lives and it’s light persist, yet while it is dying. Once a wick of a candle has been set to flame the candle begins to die even as it lives. The energy of the light begins to shine into the darkness for others to see like a beacon to find our way and as sign of hope for those who need fire for their candle. As the process of one lit candle touching its flame to another persons unlit candle begins. We have a calling to repeat this process to amplify our light. Eventually, we must part from our gathering of candles to our daily lives and let that light shine.

We need to continue to explore what it means to let our light shine, taking time to meditate in an attempt to hear the Father give us personal revelation about what that means and for when we do it wrong, what it doesn’t mean. The flame of our candle has not been given to damage people, but we must at times speak boldly. So, this is a learning process, one where we should share our insights with each other and hopefully grow in the process. So, light your candle to night for those who have lost hope and feel defeated.


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