Puppy Love is Love

My niece, Audrey age 3, has a thing for Justin Bieber. With more zeal than I’ve seen in a long time, she proclaims, “I love Justin Bieber and I’m going to marry him”. I was thinking of the pure simple love and infatuation that is such a natural part of life. Often we call this puppy love. I challenge everyone that no matter what, this is how love as a child is innocently conveyed. To say that Audrey doesn’t know she’s straight when she is older would be to overlook a simple truth that this is innate for her. In comparison to my own life at that age, I know that I was gay, not sure if I had the word for it yet. When I heard the word gay for the first time as a child, I thought to myself, “Is that the word that describes me?” Eventually, I figured out what the word meant by context and then knew for sure and I finally new the word that described what I already knew about myself.

God is Love and as we are made in Him image, surly Love is the greatness of the grand design for all of us.


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