The Book of (Insert your name)

If you wrote a book in the bible, what would one of the chapters have to say? There are no rules to how this book or it’s chapters had to be written. One section could sound like a poem, a song, a conversation or a rant, it would all be up to you.

I’ve been giving this some thought  and one of the themes would be of a worshiper’s heart. Some of my earliest memories are of conversations with the Father, Him loving on me, me asking questions and getting clear answers to what relationship with the creator of all things is about. So from a very young age, I have had this personal conversation going on. Many times I noticed it has made me a quiet person as a child, I spent a lot of time listening and quietly responding. I can remember thinking at age 3 or 4 that the wonder of things that the Father spoke to my heart were so amazing; I often wondered if everyone else had such an intimate relationship and encounters with God. I came to realize that the Father was speaking to all of His creation and somehow this seemed unique. The Father was telling me that so many of us grow out of this type of fellowship and that some of us experience His presence differently. I can remember sharing thing that He was telling me a few times, people looked at me differently than they did before and spoke to me differently. So, I didn’t share as much as He was sharing with me. After all, it seems odd that a child at such a young age would be telling much older people about the deep things of God flowing from the Holy Spirit into their life. People would distance themselves from me after I’d tell them something God. As I was thinking about this the other day, I was thinking that Moses and others in scripture were looked differently after they encountered God.

Fast forward, I was at Night of Worship about 20 years ago and I felt a strong urge from the Father. Everything seemed to be okay on the surface, people were singing and worshiping. This is a large group of people, standing room only in most cases, all singing along. In the midst of this the Father urged me to stop singing and as I listened, He was telling me that there is a spirit of confusion and that He wanted us to worship with silence. I struggled with the urge to go up to the worship leader to tell Him this, I stopped myself thinking that this might not be taken as being respectful. So, I told the friends I had with me which was about five of us what I felt God was speaking to me. To my surprise, they all joined me in worshiping silently. These were friends that were used to me giving one word or another from God, either topical or more direct messages. I guess at the point of telling them, I was pretty matter of fact about it and they had come accustom to it. About 10 minutes go by and the worship leader stops the worship and tells the congregation what I just told my row of friends. It was so funny, you should have seen the looks on their faces. The look of their faces was what translated to me as “the fear of God”. After everyone was silent for a good long time for a worship service, I’d say the duration of a song, about 7 minutes or so. We started back into singing our worship again.

Something I learned from that experience is I was surrounded by friends that respected that God speaks to us in real life situations that God is right there ready to confirm a Word sent down from heaven. To say that the rest of the evening was one of awestruck wonder is an understatement. Worship was about 3 hours with a bit of a half time break. My friends were a bit freaked out, but in a good way with a “that was crazy” and “what just happened”? The Holy Spirit was teaching us discernment, how to step out in faith and battle the enemy during our worship. Reminds me a little bit of the walls of Jericho, just that we didn’t have to remain silent for as long. Unity was restored in the service, amazing healing of hearts, relentless worship, people crying out, people really crying tears too as God worked through the thickness of His presence.

In worship there is a listening heart full of trust, a heart that is yielding and fullness of relationship that you don’t get from just music or words in a song. Like in the Psalms 46 river, worship is like a river that flows and in the depths of a flowing river you will get swept away and there is no fighting it when you are in the mainstream of the river; just a lot of TRUST.


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