Worship: Feeling the Fathers Heart

In my life I put a great value to setting aside time to worship. It might be an hour listening to a favorite worship artist, an hour sitting at the piano playing. On the onset of this, I want to emphasize that worship is not music, music is just an expression of worship. The real worship of life is found in our everyday living. We don’t do worship, we are worship. When we experience with others, be that driving down the street, riding a bike or having a cookout and and in our connecting we lift one another up, then during those times of encouragement and fellowship and simply loving on each other, worship is happening. The experiences of life that are worth writing down and singing about are when worship occur. A time when through our kindness we carry the Spirit of God with us and simply express it through love, kindness and meeting the fellowship needs of others.

When we fellowship and are taking the time to listen, our common need to dispel isolation, loneliness, is when a river of life begins to flow. Walking a mile with someone often takes us suspending our voice and identity, so that others have a voice, that we see and feel that pain of others as well as their hopes and dreams.

Now, in times of worship where we put of focus on God, giving up control and reaching out to God in trust, that He has thing under control, is when we find the true liberty. Trust in worship means taking that hand of Jesus. Even when life is confusing and we feel like we don’t know where we are going, trusting God to lead us is the best thing that we can do. There isn’t always easy answers the the issues of life and coming to a place of being okay with not having all the answers will free us. Worship doesn’t follow logical thinking, it requires creativity and imagination. During the period of religious history, the enlightenment period was a time the Church relied on logical thinking as well as rules and legalism and as a result the Church became divided by the thought that we must worship and believe in absolutes. The focus of love faded in those times and the desire to be connected to the feelings of the Fathers heart was less of a concern. Even today, this is a problem for the church body in general. I’ve always thought of myself as a worshiper at heart, I believe us understanding that we are beings created for worship is overlooked. People who don’t sing well or play an instrument of some kind typically don’t have a deep connection to a worshipers identity. My husband, Robert, and I, have taken to stance that, if I am driving a car, I am worshiping, if he is at working cutting hair this is worship to the Lord. And we strive to see everything we do as ministry, even if Jesus is never mentioned, that everything we do, we do it as unto the Lord, even our failures we give to Him as worship; in our weakness or be shown.

Even though, worship is more than music, we gain such a benefit by setting aside an hour every day to so good worship, spend time thinking about things that matter and have an eternal quality; how I treat others, know what burdens us and our friends and lifting that up to God. Sometimes I find myself in prayer and intercession for the needs of friends, family and my brothers and sisters at Church. There are so many needs and I really wish I could meet all of there needs. Other times I find myself being urged in the spirit that prayer is not enough, when I have the power to recommend someone for a job, I do pray then the spirit of God rises up in me and says, “Prayer is not enough, act, do what I have place within your ability to help.” In those times of prayer, I find that God often acts faster than I am able to accomplish anything, and to His glory, I’m am thankful that He shows himself to be faithful and true. Lord, if we are to be your hands and feet, be with us and act in greater power that us.

~ Ryan


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  1. this is truly beautiful!!!

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