When the Walls Fell Down

‘Walls falling down’ has been stirring in my heart recently. It got me thinking of some of the major walls that have been built like the Great Wall of China, The Berlin Wall, and from scripture the Walls of Jericho. Walls are built for protection and for two main reasons to keep things in and to keep things out.

The building of emotional walls can be a very natural defense for the wellbeing of a persons heart. I wish there were a better way from the very beginning, sometimes the emotional barriers we create are a needed first step in a long journey of healing.

As a young kid, I had to build walls just to keep from breaking down and becoming an emotional wreck. When walls start being built at an early age, you are guarding your heart from personal fears, words of others, attacks. It is so common, that we all have examples of it happing in our life. In this way the walls are keeping us in, attempting to keep us as its prisoner.

The downside of built walls are that people have been damaged in the process and we return rejection. Each time another brick in the wall is placed we create stress, depression, anxiety, hopelessness and the list goes on. The barriers we create give us only limited protection from things outside of us. The actions of people still occur as it does not fully isolate us. As we handle difficult situations in our lives, that mechanism ultimately harms ourselves as well. In this area of isolation walls are also an attempt to keep others out.

For me, my personal fears of being hurt sent me running to the Father to hear from Him for myself for His revelation over my life. He spoke to me when I was a child and foretelling and preparing me for what is ahead. Fortunately, I had a sense of my heavenly Fathers voice in my life at a very young age. He was always present with me with encouraging words and wisdom that was beyond my years. He always reminded me to keep my heart tender and not let it grow cold. He reminded me that my refuge was in Him and the He would never leave me. It didn’t keep problems from coming my way, but having His counsel and guidance gave me as much peace as a young kid could have in a rough upbringing.

There is a time for building walls up and a time for tearing them down. My husband and I are in a period where walls are falling down. We had gone through some trials of being rejected not too long ago. Now, we seem to be in a place where God is placing us in rest and healing. The difficulty and the lesson that God is teaching us right now is that, even in the grace He has provided for us, that we are so used to building walls that we do it without realizing it. We are learning to breakdown our defenses in this new community of faith that accept us and love us for exactly who we are. We’ve have been told our gifts which were previously rejected are exactly what is loved about us. Robert, being the ‘social butterfly’ is able to serve in away that lets that part of him just flow. My creative and technical gifts are now have an outlet to flow as well. For both of us, the Father is opening up doors for us to minister to people that only we could because of the calling upon our lives. The Father has show us areas to pray about and although we are not sure what He is going to do, we know that there are areas of growth in this community that is important that we are apart of helping.

Just remember, when you find a place that loves you, do not be afraid to let those walls come crumbling down. Have faith the Lord is giving you the opportunity for the walls to fall. Even though you may have a track record of being rejected or judged, in an environment of love, be that the love of the Father or the love of His children, snatch up the chance to let the walls crumble. In environment of Love, walls have no foundation to stand.


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