The In Between Priest

Back in the days of the tabernacle system, there was a series of priest between us and the Father. Along with the priest came all the laws and rules for rituals of how to make things right on our behalf. Having the in between priest was a long standing tradition of the church. Jesus threw out that system as being flawed and became our High Priest. He shed His flawless blood to put alway the law which was flawed, and then He told us it was better that He should leave us the Holy Spirit to lead us to the Father. Jesus showed us ‘the way’ to the Father. He gave us guidance and showed us that we have direct access to the Father; this beauty is our new covenant.

I love listening to good teaching, I love listening to good worship. Too many times, the knowledge of others experiences have become my good friend. I’m always brought back, deep in my heart, to the place where the vail of the tabernacle was tore into two pieces. The two pieces of the vail remind me of the two covenants, that we should be aware of them and that still people can live by either of them; either human effort or divine promise; the slave woman or the free woman.

Those that live by human effort still live with the in between priest, even though they know that is the old way; we all do it from time to time. It reminds me of the parable of the man that finds a treasure in a field and the man sales everything he had to buy that field; such is the kingdom of heaven. I’m not sure how we can do that, I’m mean really do it. It seems that the teaching paradigm we should have is when someone has a question about heavenly things, that we should stand on the opposite side of the in between priest and nudge people towards the Father and tell them, “Go ask Him?” and then ask, “What did He say?” Listen and take it in real deep, then let the earthly dialogue begin. Since we all know in part and prophesy in part, we can then come together and attempt to more fully know the Father and keep our prayer as “thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” This kind of prayer lends itself to us always being children that seek and hopefully children that never loose our desire for the Heart of the Father. Those who have lost the desire have deceived themselves into thinking they are helping God. My personal challenge to myself and others is never loose the desire to seek Him.

The disciples were led by Jesus, they left everything behind like the parable of the man that found a treasure in a field. I’m beginning to take stock in the fact that just like the disciples, often I have no idea where I’m going. It was that way with Jesus and it is that way with the Holy Spirit; you often don’t know why you are doing what He has asked you to do until much later when it seems to makes sense, just don’t make an idol of what we perceive to be a pattern. We’ve been given good instruction that following the Holy Spirit is as unpredictable as the wind. There are some sure things that Jesus made clear, be faithful to keep the ones He has given us and always point the way to the Father, just as Jesus did.

~ Ryan


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  1. Love, love, love this post. Good stuff. I have a hard time remembering not to live in human effort.

    Oh, and I *really* love that you used “free woman or slave woman.” Silly, but I sometimes get hung up on all the male imagery. Nice. 🙂

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