Heart of the Word

John 1:1 (NLT) – In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.

What is the word? Who is the Word? I’ve had this conversation many times before with people. In the verse John 1:1 the use of the “Word” here comes from the Greek transliteration “logos”. When checking out Logos on Wikipedia it also says, it is Greek for “word’, “discourse” or “reason” and points out the divinity of Jesus Christ. If you ask any Christian believer “Who is the Word?”, you’ll very easily get the answer Jesus. In short I would simply agree, but there is always more to an answer then the short version. Because the characteristic of God being a Trinity of three in one to just say that Logos is Jesus is way to simply of an answer. In all the descriptions of the use of Logos one thing that is common is that all of the definitions refer to an utterance, words being spoken but not words being written down. Most of the time people get the difference between how the scriptures “Word” as compared to “word”. Theologians in their wisdom in translating the bible into English capitalize it like you would a proper name.

I was having conversation of discourse with a pastor that had another pastor sitting in and listening about the difference between the bible being the word of God and God being the Word (or Logos). The first pastor wasn’t getting the difference. Then I asked two questions, “What is the word?” and “Who is the Word?” The second pastor who was taking a passive role in the conversation spoke up to say, “Jesus is the Word”. “Finally!”, I exclaimed. So, now we were getting somewhere.

The conversation continued with what level of divinity we give to the bible as compared to the Word (Logos or Jesus). The conversation was not an easy one. I believe the reason that it is difficult is how much we lean on our limited understanding of God because His nature is far beyond our ability to understand with our human spiritual capacity. When we have “discourse” about things of faith we are experiencing a lesser form of logos. Conversational discourse should be used in exploring and changing or challenging our thoughts and beliefs. In those times, we should welcome the tension of different ideas.

1 Corinthians 13:8-10 (NIV1984)- Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears.

Often called the “Love Chapter”, 1 Corinthians 13 tells us some important things to consider in theology or our thoughts of the Father, although prophetic word, scripture, or even special revelation from God will always be less than God. It is all childish play in comparison for seeking His face or even better yet when the times comes that we actually see His face, then we will be seeing the Word.

It has always bothered me when I hear churches proclaim we are a bible believing church and there is very little value placed on seeking His voice in the present. I’ve heard other pastors pray right before preaching, asking for God’s blessing and for Him to speak “even in spite” of what they have to say during the service. It has been my experience that no matter how good or bad someone does a preaching that the Father is speaking at the same time delivering a message of His own. I’ve heard many people say that, “It was like the pastor was speaking right to me.”

There are many kinds of words or spiritual impartations I could talk about, but the one that comes to mind is another Greek word “Rhema”. The way I understand, Rhema is a teaching or utterance in which God through someone declares the heart of God. Generally, I think of a Rhema as also being a revealed word; a new revelation about a scripture or concept of God that opened your eyes and ears in away that made it come alive like never before. In some evangelical church circles people give a prophetic word in a public setting. I don’t think that we should get overly mystical about hearing from God. Just recently after a service someone came up to my husband Robert and I and said God had a word they wanted to give us. They acted like we might be offended or weirded out by it, but this is the spiritual world we try to walk in everyday. So, we listened and walked it out. It was just a message to pray and meditate for the Holy Spirit to speak a single word to our heart and that would lead us to a verse we needed.

People of faith operate in the gifts of the spirit all the time without even knowing it. When it happens people usually use words like, “Maybe we should start a Church”, as my husband said one day. Immediately, I sensed the prophetic-ness of it, and a holy fear came upon me. I didn’t understand it, “You know how complicated it is to start a Church”, I said. But I knew it was real word in the spirit. It must have been less that 48 hours before we were contacted by a friend of Robert’s that is a pastor about helping to start a new church plant. So, we know the Holy Spirit has plans and we are prepare to be awed and be apart of the mystery of it all.

The Heart of the Word or Logos is something that is living and moving. It can be unpredictable and exciting at times, it can be fearful in an awesome a Holy way. It can call you to be softened, broken and healed. It can take you through the mountain and through the valley. I’ve heard it said, “New levels of glory are usually a step down before they are a step up”. As spiritual people we have to expect change if what we really want is to really hear His voice. So, fear not, because He is with you every step of the way. We need our faith to be conversational so that it is more of a faith of relationship.

~ Ryan

PS. As with most times when I sit down to write, I was not sure how to begin or structure my thoughts. So, I wanted to also share my process briefly for this post. The main thing I do seems just practical as a Christian, I go to the Father in prayer. My faith is very worship centric. So, I turn my Roland keyboard on and my recording software on and begin to play the keyboard and sing my prayer to God. I’ve been using this musical prayer process for about 30 or more years. Worship leader, Kent Henry, said it this way, “Anything that can be spoken can be sung.” Most of the time before writing a post, I’ve been meditating on it for weeks for months before I put my thoughts down. To listen the prayer / song that I sang just before writing this post, click here for song.


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  1. Great thoughts. I see that so often too–the nearly idol worship of the Bible and forgetting that *God* is the Word.

    I also loved your explanation of how you write in worship. Beautiful.

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