That’s So… Gay?

ImageThat’s so…. gay? Really?!

The phrase “That’s So Gay” has officially become the descriptive negative substitute of our times. Somehow, we have dumbed down our society and in the process given reassurance to those who use this kind of behavior as acceptable – of such little effect that we are blinded by the hidden meanings to our words when we spell it out.

With this post is a graphic I’ve included that begins to spell out that we should buy a dictionary and spells out some of the many negative meanings that people are using the phrase “That’s so gay”. Stupid, dim, unfortunate, idiotic, trashy…. or that’s so gay. The list is endless.

There is a lot of awareness being promoted about the casualness of how gay people are treated and the use of this phrase is a specifically good example of how people get so numb to the use of the phrase and that they loose the ability to see that it is demeaning to a whole class of people – and sometimes this comes from people you call friends. 

In a non spiritual setting, when I’ve pointed out that the phrase is just negative substitution, people understood quickly. They get it. They get it right away and see the oppressive tone to the phrase’s use. In religious settings, I’ve had a much different experience. I’ve been met with a fleshly… ‘protect the organization at all cost’ mentality. It is a serious ‘character flaw’ for spiritual leaders to defend this kind of behavior and not take corrective action. Leaders that can’t or won’t take action will also use correction in the wrong way. Spiritual communities that can’t get issues of justice right will not grow spiritually. 

Don’t get your hopes up! If you too are dealing with a church that hold to the idea that those who are gay are sinners specifically because you “love” differently they as straight people, then you should not expect any level of respect that affords you dignity. There may be pleasantries at the start, but when there is a wall of theology between the two sides and entering into a truthful place of spiritual unity. That lack of unity will exist in their communities until the word “gay” becomes beautiful in their meanings and in their hearts. To get their will require deep soak in the water of the spirit to soften hearts – awaking the heart and mind.

On that note, some people claim to understand greek and can’t even apply truthful meanings to their first language. In the spirit we are in a time of spiritual movement – moving and turbulent waters that will create change, some will run to shallow spiritual waters and grow in religious flesh and others will crave the depths of the waters and grow. Those that cast out to the deep will call unto others and gather together in great numbers and share in a new understanding of relational ministry.

~ Ryan


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