Conservatives Creating Atheist

Conservatives that have God logic. A stagnate way of using religious tyranny, has a way of creating atheist —  or doing well at pushing people away from organized religion as well as faith as a whole.

I have a family member that visited an old church that he used to go and heard what he described as a scientist as a guest. A guest as he puts it, “agreed with what they already believe” and only surround themselves with people that think like them.

There is no growth without discourse (or other points of view).

The real ‘idol’ of growth is … how many people can we get in this church. The best way to do that is to ‘sell people certainty’… no need to think and ponder a belief or dogma — because it is fixed. If you can ‘brand’ it, then you can sell it. Just package up the Jesus you want to sell and you’ll fill your church to an elevated level.

I’m not saying don’t do it. It is up to you.

Just know this. Just because you are a recovering fundamentalist, doesn’t mean you still aren’t — it’s just fundie light. But it is how churches statically will grow is in size and in money. Most of them do grow spiritually.

Another thing that was share to me by my new atheist friend is that. When he “believed”, he was told he was eternally saved. But now that he express a change of heart, the theological new view was that “since he doesn’t believe now then he never did believe”….? I now know the true power of christianity — christianity owns the dictionary. They can un-save a saved man. I thought it was just the Assemblies of God that did that. But Baptist really believe the same thing.. they get: Once saved always save, except B where eternal salvation really isn’t.

Now personally, I don’t care what other people believe as long as you do the simple things and ‘love your neighbor as you would yourself’. We can do this with faith, but we never address it. The bible gives us examples of changing God’s mind, but we won’t take the time to wrestle with God to have a new way a living. And we preach it until the atheist does not need to be saved, the gay christian does not need fixing. I’ll have to give it to Joel Osteen, he comes the close to being a peaceful preacher. I don’t agree with his ideas about gays fully, obviously. And the war that is in the heart of great preacher and local preacher alike — is they want to do the right thing. Sometimes they can and sometimes they can not do the right thing. So, get cast out because their ideas of faith change.  It is called the Sunning.

The shunning is the way the flock take care of problems. I don’t thing it is an effective tool to make a better Church. But it happens. And nobody in church body takes the time to “think it all over again” and do the right thing. SO… we aren’t a growing Church. I haven’t seen that in a longtime. There are a few cells of new growth. But you have to go looking for heretics to find some truth – because if you are following Jesus, you are looking for a heretic.

So are you afraid to be call some of the names Jesus was called?

-Ryan Nix


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  1. well… i loved this one too… a good read…

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