Appreciating Those with Disabilities

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Various Disabilities

  • There is a lack of appreciation for those who are disabled.

Many people with disabilities are misunderstood and not appriciated by the rest of society. Often being treated differently by those that do not understand what they are going through. Those with seemingly invisible disabilities are also judged by the rest of society – including by those they call friends and family.

Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all – the apathy of human beings.” – Helen Keller

The Visible & Invisibly Disabled

Awareness is a key step in understanding those that are disabled in a very long bridge.

This is why I bring up the visible and invisible disabilities. Misunderstandings already exist, lack of compassion connected with no action already exist. We live in a world where people feel that they genuinely care and that feeling can run very deep within them and still those close to the disabled can find themselves disconnected from both appreciating and understanding.

Some people can obviously identify someone with a disability – they could be an amputee and in a wheelchair, they could have tremors  in their arms and shake uncontrollably. These kind of disabilities are visually apparent.

Those with invisible disabilities also go through the same shame game – lack of understanding, people even believing something is not wrong with them. I am not trying to convey a comprehensive list of invisible disabilities, however here are some examples – anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes, depression, autism, PDSD and the list could endlessly go on.

What does an invisible disability look like?

It can be as simple as someone sitting in a chair – trying to get off their feet for a moment because of pain, it can look like frustration for someone with autism if they are not understanding you or not being understood.

What have you experienced?

Now is the time I really need feed back. I need your help with ideas.

If I were to interview you and ask you about your disability, what questions should I ask or what would you say in about 4 or 5 sentences or 3 minutes? I’ve been thinking about doing brief interviews with people with disabilities or those with family members with a disability and I need your help with some ideas.

Thank you all my heart,

Ryan Nix


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  1. You should ask them about there experience’s throughout there schooling.

  2. Ask them about how there peers treated them.

  3. My personal experience of physical disability is that people who don’t know me would rather avoid eye contact. This suggests to me that they are uncomfortable with my disability and not that they have feelings of discrimination. However it does sometimes make me feel that I have no presence, that I am unworthy and that I shouldn’t exist.

  4. Ryan, my disability is basically invisible. I would be happy to answer any questions you have or help in any way that I can. I would ask about discriminating circumstances at work and school, experiences relating to that. Also interesting would be stories of us realizing when we have discriminated against somebody disabled ourselves – as a disabled person. I admittedly have done that before not even realizing it until after the fact. At what point do each of us come to understand and accept our own disabilities and deal with them? For me, this process took about 8 years and was a very painful time for me. I lost virtually everything I had, but gained my self respect and autonomy once more. Great article, Ryan.

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