Contemplation by Graeme Goslin


CONTEMPLATION    By Graeme Goslin

Written 11 April 2011

In quiet solitude I mourn

My past from which I have been torn

Love unrequited, ought reborn

Sometimes frightened, oft forlorn


I bare witness, degradation

The inward terror, my life’s predation

Gather, hoard, accumulation

Without further supplication


I face my future, uncertain fear

Upon my cheek, intrepid tear

Forward forge crowds to cheer

Never dropping defensive spear


Beauty, peace and love refrain

From allowing passage to the rain

Clouds explode the thunderous pain

Deep within my heart not slain


Again go into the world I shall

Anger let no ego swell

Glean knowledge and let my spirit dwell

Oh Lord let be that all is well!


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  1. germanshepherd72

    I cannot comment and do your poem any justice Graeme, but I am touched by the pain, struggle, acceptance, and ultimate triumph that you portray. Very eloquently executed, my friend. God Bless – XX

    • Jeff, your words are too kind! There certainly was pain, there certainly was struggle and yes, finally acceptance and triumph. Here is the thing though, the triumph has come about through the intervention of people such as yourself. Without the love and openness that I have received during the times of desperation and struggle- I could never have triumphed. So thank you, dear friend, for being a part of my life!

  2. Wow. I could leave it at that and let that one word speak volumes. I could say that I appreciate you, but that would be to little. So, instead I will say, I love you my friend. (hugs)

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