Beauty by Jeff Williams


Kansas Wildflowers spotted on today’s walk/run with Ginger…

Please do not try to take my love away.
Through love I am alive once more.
I am born to share it with you freely.
Beauty is abundant all around us.
If we only open our hearts, it shall be ours.


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  1. Love the flowers… and the poem… Hugs

  2. Hi Jeff,
    This was the reply that I sent and didn’t for some reason show up:
    It is the truth in these words, Jeff, that make them beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your inner beauty with us Jeff.
    Love Graeme

    • Thank you Graeme. You are one of several people that inspire me every day. Thank you for being a true friend and sharing your life with me. Love, Jeff

      • Jeff,
        It is such a wonderful privilege to be your friend and I look forward to countless years ahead of us to sow positive and inspiring seeds into one another’s lives.
        Life is so precious and I think we should be examples to others to sow beauty and uplifting elements in each other’s lives.
        Thanks for your irrepressible spirit and your willingness to share that infectiousness with me.

  3. Loved this is was beautiful!!!

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