Give Me Jesus

When it comes down to writing about faith, spirituality or theology, I’ll take the person of Jesus to follow above all else. We are told that we will know him in scriptures through spirit and truth. I run across people in everyday life that are so bound up in a tangle of dogmatic webs.

For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth. ~ John 4:24

There are so many labels I’ve related to in my life. Being a ‘worshiper’ is who I am at my core. I am a follower of Jesus the person, each day as I sense His spirit guide me. As a worshiper, one of the highest request I could ask is for Jesus to blind me. That all I have left is trust and the reaching out of my hand and a prayer, “Jesus, take my hand and lead me for I am blind.” Trust is the highest worship.

I’ve studied the scriptures from a young age. Often finding that I would study something on a saturday night, only to find on sunday morning that the verses were echoed by someone. I can remember hearing the voice of the Father speak to me as a young child; revealing thing, teaching me and bringing a level of intimacy that only an innocent child could have. So, this taught me from a young age to follow His voice.

As I grew and was still young, I sat next to my grandmother in the pew of church already being able to discern between flesh and spirit of various pastors. I was thankful for the spiritual filter that the Father taught me. I was able to hear His voice in a pastors message despite the truth that we are all simply flawed.

That is why I urge all christians and especially my gay christian brothers and sisters to dive deeper and deeper into worship – that you may build greater and intimate discernment that only comes by spending time inviting the Holy Spirit to invade our space. There are levels of worship – outer court worship, inner court worship and the worship of the Holy of Hollies, that some times is call the secret place.

Some might find worship uncomfortable at times. Many people are used to worship that is of an outer courts nature; which can be superficial or less intimate. Worship is a growing process that I urge you to press inwards, closer and closer to the Father and deeper into His presence.

Worship will change your view of scripture and guide you to a better understanding of scripture. Scripture is not our goal, it is not our prize or meant to be our idol. With a new found worship life, the scriptures will open up and become new. You’ll start to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and will notice the Spirit filtering what you read. In scripture there is much opinion, allegory, parable, and analogy. The church is filled with people that can’t discern the truth behind these writing styles. Should there not be a one single bible on the face of the earth, we have everything we need in simply having Him. So, I say, “Give Me Jesus” and I shall follow.

~ Ryan Nix

P.S. Today my inspiration was from the song ‘Give Me Jesus’ by Matt Stinton & Bethel Music.


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  1. sounds Beautiful and from the heart… God Bless!!

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