So often we have an image of God. A god that lets people suffer or is waiting on us to win his holly lotto. Pastor Rutherford blogged this. It a perfect example what what I’m talking about, but with the truth at the end to fear not, we are all saved.

Imagine a God who would turn His back on a child screaming in pain….Who died too soon and missed out on some heavenly cut-off-date….And slipped and fell to cruel HELL to burn and suffer evermore…A God like this would have to change His name from LOVE to HATE.His mercy would have to abruptly end, His grace would have to fail…If He allowed a single soul to stay in any kind of Hell!His kindness and His gentleness…would have to BOTH cease to exist…And he would need to curl His out-stretched hand into a fist…And grit his teeth in deep frustration…. knowing that His great salvation…Didn’t take away the SIN of the world, as He planned it to…FEAR NOT! He saved us, every one! And His love will deliver YOU!

via CUT-OFF.

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Ryan Nix


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