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Love Makes Us Family

What makes up a family?

Family is commonly thought of as a father and mother with children. But, the idea of family is better defined by the heart of those that makeup the family.

Families have many variations of how they are formed. Single parents, those without kids, gay couples with or without kids.

The idea of family extends to community groups too. There are churches and closes friends that identify as family as well. And the important thing about those you call family is the deep bond you have with each other.

Family and community can be a deep tie that bonds us together with love for one another.

For myself, I don’t have a close relationship with most of my biological relatives as I did when I was young. But, as a man on my 40s that is gay,, I have discovered a new family with my husband’s family.

These days family is a what is made of love, community and all the typical things that glue people together with other people.

Simply put, what makes up a family is love.

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