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My Own Personal Hell

I’m at hell. This particular hell is called the Dentist. It not because I’m getting anything painful done today. It’s the waiting and waiting, just to get out of the waiting room to be seen.

Sitting here is just boring, it’s not really an end of the world issue. At the very least it gives me the chance to spend some tone in thought.

Do you ever get that way? A place where it drives you a little nut and you just have to take a mental step back and pause a moment and try to look at things different.

My dental visit is over. I went back when I was called with a smile on my face and in my heart. I can say it helped me not lash out or feel angry. Its not to say that it is not a stressful situation for me, because it is when you are coping with social anxiety like me.

So, my real personal hell is pretty much every social interaction that I have in public or on the phone.

So, I’ll leave it at this for now and ask for your feedback. What pushes your buttons and how do you deal with it? I’d love to hear your stories in tv comments.

Peace out,
Ryan Nix


IF there WAS a HELL

Pastor Robert Rutherford, a friend of mine, posed this question today on Facebook and here was my response afterwards.

IF there WAS a HELL….. and YOU were assigned as a caretaker….
would you be able to deny it’s inhabitants a drink of water or a break from the flames??
If they begged you for help would you laugh at them? Could you keep them in torment for thousands of years….. billions of years, for a mistake that could have happened to you?
Would YOUR mercy and compassion compel you to decide that their suffering was ENOUGH and it was time to allow LOVE to over-rule JUDGEMENT and set them free?
Is there ANYONE that you could LEAVE there in torture and torment?
Are YOU, then….more MERCIFUL than GOD?!?! I think not.

My response:

The only HELL that exist is the PORTION of it that exist on Earth. Hell only exist on Earth. So, although I would not – there are plenty that would deny water to the thirsty, they do it everyday and they call themselves Christians. Those kind of christians are fooling themselves into thinking they are following the spirit, are self-righteous and believe all sorts of vile things in the name of God. Wouldn’t it be nice if Jesus could be blamed for some he actually said and we followed that.

Be blessed -for you already are blessed.

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